May 23, 2010

Gay chauvinist scholars distort history by reporting ancient 'third gender' as 'sexual identities'

Changing Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America By Will Roscoe

Book overview
Will Roscoe documents one of the most widespread and least-known aspects of native North America. In many Native American tribal societies, it was not uncommon for some men to live as women and some women to live as men. In this land, the original America, men who wore women's clothes and did women's work became artists, ambassadors, and religious leaders, and women sometimes became warriors, hunters, and even chiefs. Same-sex marriages flourished. Berdaches -- individuals who combine male and female social roles with traits unique to their status as a third gender -- have been documented in over 150 North American tribes. By looking at this aspect of non-Western culture, Roscoe challenges the basis of the dualistic way most Americans think about sexuality, and shakes the foundation of the way we understand and define gender.

Limited preview - 2000 - 320 pages - History


Reclaiming Natural Manhood said...

The author Will Roscoe has fraudulently reported the 'third genders' as 'sexual identities' when he uses these 'third genders' to challenge the basis of the dualistic way most Americans think about sexuality, when in fact, they challenge the dualistic way most Americans, including most gays (Will Roscoe)think about gender.

Third gender definition said...

Great research page. I'll come by often to study the matter. Thanks.